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7 WAYS (you've never heard of) TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR TOP DOLLAR!

When it's time to put your home on the market, make sure you're set to get top dollar at the closing table. A few simple changes will help get your home ready to sell at the price you want.

Here are SEVEN WAYS to get your home ready to sell.

1) Clean it up

Scrub the grout, clean the curtains and put a new coat of paint on the walls to ensure your home shows well. You might even replace door knobs and cabinet hardware for a fresh, clean appearance. A clean home gives the impression that the home has been well-cared for, and buyers will pay more for a home in good condition.

2) Make the first impression

Buyers have already formed an impression about your home before they walk inside. Spruce up your home's curb appeal by adding decorative shrubs or brightly colored flowers. A welcoming front porch goes a long way toward helping buyers feel at home. And don't forget to about the foyer. While the area may be utilitarian, remember that it's the first thing potential buyers will see. A small bench or table with a vase of fresh-cut flowers will set the right tone.

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3) Empty your closets

Buyers want storage space, so if your closets are packed to the gills, your home may look short on storage. Empty half the contents of your closets and neatly organize the remaining items.

Matthew Stewart Real Estate Team | Closet staged | Granite Bay | Roseville | Rocklin | Folsom | Auburn

4) Remove yourself

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in your home. They don't want to be reminded that you currently live there. Put personal effects like family photographs, personal keepsakes, memorabilia and collectibles in storage. 5) Focus on the kitchen

The kitchen can make or break a home sale. And you'll generally get back the money you put into the renovation. Nice countertops and a neutral paint will give buyers a blank canvas to work from. And if you can't afford all the new appliances, buy one fancy, stainless steel appliance. Having one new appliance in the kitchen will update the entire kitchen. 6) Stay put

Studies have shown that it's more difficult to sell a vacant home than one where people are living. Vacant homes look sad and imperfections are easier to spot. Plus, buyers assume that if you're not living in the home, you'll be willing to take a lower selling price. 7) Stage your home

Little changes will go a long way to getting your home sold for top dollar. Buy some nice, white towels and display them in your bathrooms for a bright, fresh and clean feel. Keep the towels in a closet until just before a showing. Toss your everyday towels in a hamper. Set out fresh flowers throughout your home to make it more inviting. And research furniture arrangements to ensure your home is staged to attract buyers.

Matthew Stewart Real Estate Team | Staging | Home for sale | Staged home for sale | Granite Bay | Roseville | Folsom | Rocklin

Your home is your biggest investment and when it's time to sell, so you want to get a good return. Making some simple changes is the best way to get top dollar when the "for sale" sign goes up in the yard.

Contact Matthew Stewart for a free no hassle consultation regarding your home and when the best timing would be for you to market and sell your home.

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