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3 Things To Consider Before Putting Your Home In The Market

Before and After of a Kitchen Remodel | Matthew Stewart Realtor | Listing Specialist | Selling Consultation

1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

It is often said in real estate that you are not selling your house, you are selling your kitchen. That is how key a top-notch kitchen is to sell your house for maximum money. Buyers love a good kitchen. After all, more time will probably be spent in it than any other room in the house except the bedroom (where most of the time will be spent sleeping). Your buyers have got to enjoy the kitchen.

If your kitchen is looking dingy or out of date, investing in some upgrades is well worth the money. Get new cabinets or paint your old ones, install brand new appliances, install new tile flooring, and add granite countertops to attract buyers. If there is room, adding a kitchen island is also a smart idea. You can get back about 85% of the money you spend on these upgrades when you sell your house.

2. Make Sure your AC is in Tip Top Condition

Not only will home inspectors notice if your AC has issues, but it can also cut down the amount you can realistically ask for your house. No one wants to buy a house with a central air conditioning unit that is on the brink of needing to be replaced, or that does not work reliably. Keep yours well-maintained by getting it annual inspections from a licensed AC repair person, and immediately fix anything that needs fixing. Keep the outside until clean and free of debris at all times.

Pay attention to your electric bills, too. If they are going up without explanation, it could be because your AC is working too hard to cool the house (or to heat it in winter), which means it needs maintenance work. If it is in really bad shape, you may need to replace it before selling your house, but the increased selling price you will be able to ask will make it worth it.

Clean home exterior | Curb Appeal | Matthew Stewart Realtor | Listing Specialist | Selling Consultation

3. Keep the Exterior Clean

A dingy, dirty house exterior looks bad. It's an embarrassment if you live in that house, and it is a turnoff to potential buyers. Keep it clean by pressure washing the exterior at least once a year. If you need to, invest in a new coat of paint for the outside of your house just prior to putting it on the market. You will be surprised at how many potential buyers a clean exterior will attract, and it will boost your asking price, as well.

Get your house ready for the real estate market - consider the aforementioned factors, and you can transform an ordinary residence into an awe-inspiring home.


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